The Mysterious Peach

The Mysterious Peach


Happiness seems out of James’s reach.

Until he climbs into the magic peach.

There he meets too many to greet.

Too much to say in only one day.

He had no choice but to stay.

In surprise they rolled away


Suddenly there was a huge commotion,

They found themselves in the hungry ocean.

They climbed up to the top of the peach.

Then they heard a terrifying screech

All of them saw some sharks near,

They shook and shivered with fear.


What will happen next?

You better read the text.

By         Jessica  P4               and             Lindsay P4






In the middle of the winter

When the snowman came to play

We built one last Tuesday

But it was gone by Saturday


Oh lovely Christmas dinner

With lots and lots to eat

A great big roasted turkey

Then some trifle super sweet


We missed the snowman coming

For a very special treat

It really is a pity

That they melted out last week


By  Hari Chima P3 and Donnie Macaskill

Happy, by Aileas, P5


Happy is as green as grass and  pink and gold

It tastes like sticky toffee pudding, pasta, pizza and ice cream

And smells like runny cake, sweets and chocolate

Happy looks like a chocolate factory with yummy marshmallows,

The sound of mum and dad talking.

Happy is bouncing on a trampoline.


Joy, by Lorraine P7


Joy is yellow, pink, light blue and multi-coloured.

It tastes like yummy sticky toffee pudding with ice cream and gooey marshmallows.

And smells like cinnamon on a Christmas day.

Joy looks like rainbows and unicorns with sweets everywhere and glitter.

The sound of popcorn popping in the microwave.

Joy makes me bubbly with happiness.

Joy feels colourful fluffy clouds.

It sounds like the buzzing of the bees.

It makes me feel like I have transformed into my unicorn self.


War By Tom P7


cruel, devastating

shocking, exploding, terrifying

death around the corner



vicious, ferocious

bombing, screaming, attacking

The cruelty of concentration camps



scared, deathly

risking, living, hoping

young mens’ lives lost